by Luke Offield

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released January 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Luke Offield Columbia, Missouri

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist. (The Casualty Clerks, Hanukkah Jones Band, Geist, Triple P, Slavelord, Legend, Mountain Demon, 3 Headed Moses).

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Track Name: When The Burning of Sacred Texts does not Destroy their Words
These words are in our souls
for countless years untold
To take them from us now
would cause a grief unknown

The burning of these words
will not silence the message
A strength is held within
that never dies away

Raise your armies, raise your swords, to drive us from your path
We will still remain in place when you've become the past

These ancient texts now fade
the fire destroys with grace
The ancient arts unscathed
the words ever remain

(The Words speak)
"Embers glow this night
Evidence of our plight
Broken are we
But our words remain."

A voice lifts up, calls to the sky
The strength of old revived, the message never dies
Hands open the book, a faith that will not burn
A power retained, ignorance enslaved

Your blades begin to fold
Our strength you now behold
When the burning of sacred texts
does not destroy their words

The burning of these words
DOES NOT silence the message
A strength is held within
that never dies away
These ancient texts now fade
the fire destroys with grace
The ancient arts unscathed
the words ever remain
Track Name: Wizardry
This orb of light I hold in my hands is real
The power to mold reality, out of though and into form
The truth behind the veil is beyond your belief, moving about while you sleep
Your ignorance denies.

I exist justified, connected to what you refuse to see
The time in which I reside, ever unfettered in wizardry.

Your doubt cannot restrain my power
I will stand confronting you cowards.

Enveloped in waves, a power surrounding
Measured not in days, this nature expressing.
Track Name: The Unopened Envelope
In the grip of fear behind enemy lines, he writes to his love.
She is the reason that he fights.
He tells her that he will not survive the night, the assault has failed.
The thought of her makes his pain subside.
Though he knows he will not return home, a calm sets in.
Death can not erase this love.

The enemy comes over the hill, the shells are starting to fall, on top of them all.
Both armies charge up face to face, the sounds of war all over the place.
He locks into battle with a man no older than him, determined to win.
Expended rounds, expired lives, a bombs whistle covers the sky.

Upon the next day, when death has had its way
An old man appears with a cross around his neck, and finds someone still alive.
He kneels next to the man, paper gripped firmly in hand
A recited prayer, the lungs empty of air, and he takes the letter home.

The letter makes its way
Homeward across this distant land
This confession of unending love
Journeys further on.
Traveling from hand to hand
The envelope holding love's last words
Carried by strangers, guided by the wind
Completing the voyage home.

In her mailbox the envelope is placed, his last words finally home.
The postman leaves, the doorbell is rang, just as war machines fill the air.
The bombs begin to rain, screams of fear and pain, fires reach the sky.
The Unopened Envelope lands by her side just as she dies.
Track Name: There's Someone Behind You
Traveling down the hallway, you see a glint of light
You think that it might be a trick of the eye
A board creaks, it echoes from somewhere in the house
You freeze in place and wait for the noise again
(There's someone behind you)
The sound of footsteps you know are not your own
The heat of adrenaline courses through your veins
This state of awareness causes you to tremble
A breath on your shoulder forces you to run
(There's someone behind you)

Erratic movements, you seek a place to hide
Frantically wondering, how did he get inside?

Who is this stranger, what does he want from you?
You try to outrun him, what more can you do?
Unable to fathom, caught in the grip of fear.
What is this menace, what is he doing here?

Running down the hallway, you rush into a room.
Noises drawing closer, threatening your doom.
Pray for salvation, pray for the light of day.
Your heart beats so loud, will it give you away?!

Hiding in terror, you hope not to be found
Footsteps draw closer, you feel them in the ground
The shaking, so violent, no way to sit still
His laughter, so evil, begins to make you ill
(There's someone behind you)
His voice, so loud, reverberates from everywhere
A rumble in the walls, how can he know you're there?
The voices so loud, as if coming from inside
There's only one answer: the intruder is in your mind

Erratic movements, there's no place to hide
Frantically wondering, how did he get inside?!